Monday, January 7, 2013

Of Frost and Faith

There's always just a little fear in the frost
Changes come and who knows
I could be one of them
Thing is - you never know
Who is thinking
Determining your destiny

One thing's for certain, though
I serve one a million times more
And His will
Will be done

So, I feel the fear
And take a step in
Forward motion

Realization of the moment...
Bravery is not absence of fear

It is instead placing a hand into
The leading hand of my Saviour and
Walking on the water with Him
Past the storm
Beyond the shores of limitation

A dawn beyond my comprehension
Born of letting go
While clinging to My Creator's promise to
Love Protect And Raise me up

His glory is beyond all my understanding.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Back to Bloggish

Ok! I must be one of the worst bloggers ever. Always with the best of intentions, but never quite getting there. It isn't that I am not dependable, it is just that I am not always sure than anyone anywhere actually wants to hear all this crap.

Really, does anyone care what I had for breakfast this morning? Well, some folks might. For anyone who doesn't know, I am a circuit coach for Curves. I am pretty excited that we are on the verge of launching a brand new program called Curves Complete. I really believe it is going to revolutionize our already effective approach to a woman's ability to find fitness.

Anyway, on Monday, circuit coaches from all over are going to be beginning a 90 day challenge. We will actually be going through the new Curves Complete program while we are earning our certifications to be able to lead others through the program. Hopefully, I will find the discipline to log my expereinces here.

I intend to share honestly, since I do believe that the only way I help others is by sharing my own experience. I am just human and I have the same challenges that any other woman out there faces. I don't want to pretend that life is always peachy, because that is not what success is all about. Success is finding happiness and contentment regardless of the chaotic world around me.

I am not out to control things outside myself that I tend to lay the blame on when I am not where I want to be. I am out to survive the circumstance by overcoming and finding my own path to fitness. In order to be a survivor, I have to acknowledge my own responsibility and sometimes look beyond the things that are out of my control. There is always a work around, no matter what is happening.

I don't care to be a victim of circumstance. I prefer to be victorious.

From victim to victorious. That has a nice ring to it, no?

Friday, January 1, 2010

dirty water

sometimes there's just a grumbling
behind the head
beyond the mind your manners bull
and china closet chaos

on days when voices mute
speak up and tell
truth that isn't half a lie

don't take flight
through windows of a
drive through

half a truth is all untrue
in pieces of reality
all covered by the pretty
of a good sales pitch

in black and white
the shades of gray
are only fades of
stayed execution
until the curtain calls
and night falls soundly
on deceit

decent days and
rains parched from
pavement beaten
in increments of
big oil makes the world go round
when it really doesn't

Thursday, December 10, 2009

twenty one degrees and christmas

twenty one degrees and
four hundred seventy three
homeless schoolkids in my town
hanging 'round to sleep in cars
if they are lucky enough to have one

retail's looking up
we have our gifts
we have our heaters cranked
and blowing smoke
past egos to
disquised posteriors

inner peace in hues of visa
trees lit
songs sung
reason for the season
shouted to combat
the "war on Christmas"

still it's twenty one degrees
and four hundred seventy three schoolkids
are homeless in my town.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Welcome to My World

it ain't hollywood around here

could be texas messed with
by ample politics
and voided checks to balance

all the crap is in the beef
which isn't pork unless it helps
out those who we don't need
in undesirable blocks
to greed and gullibility

health care myths loom on
horizons while they
sell us nonexistent
better tomorrows
padded in the pockets of
the high and mighty

illusion tells us
our best interest is at heart
of the empty chest cavity of
big business whose
love is measured in dollars and
total lack of sense

sensation voided by
the right medication
and stupidity

mushrooms grow in texas
zombie stares that point
in darkness compelled
by fear of tax
or kindness